Legal enforcement of custody agreement

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I’m creating this petition, to make a change. Right now in  Nova Scotia, there is no one , meaning Child Protection Services, not the RCMP that have any authority to enforce a custody agreement. No one.  You must wait to see a judge. This is outdated, and needs to be changed.  Neighbouring provinces have this, but we don’t?  Someone needs to step in.  Parents can take advantage of this, and it’s the alienated parents that pay.   I’m currently waiting for a court date, with no light at the end of the tunnel. Covid 19 has backed up the family courts, and because no one has any authority to step in I haven’t seen my children in 47 days. Please help. Please sign.  Nova Scotia needs a law in place, there needs to be help for parents.  CPS or RCMP needs to be able to help in these dire situations.  I need to you sign, please. And I need you to share.  This needs to be changed, for every parent going through what I’m going through.  Somebody needs to help.