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Return Hayle Co-op and reinstate its' staff

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Dear Mr Murrells,

This petition has been raised in response to your companies’ decision to close the Hayle store, in Cornwall. We are asking that you re-establish a store within Hayle and reinstate your staff that have lost their positions from this closure.

All were shocked by the way in which the Co-op decided to end its’ trading in Hayle. It was very underhanded and I do not think that you realise the damage that it has done to the Hayle community. Neither staff, nor members, nor customers were given any warning of what was about to happen, until it was too late. And, according to your AGM literature you state that the Co-op is owned by us, its’ members. So why were none of ‘us’ allowed to be privy to your intentions?

The Hayle store truly lived up to the Co-ops’ image of a community supermarket. It had, over the years, become a hub to the people of Hayle. The staff within that store worked tirelessly for both your company and the customers. It raised money for charity, helped local business, watched over the vulnerable, the lonely and the elderly who walked through its doors. There was always a friendly face and a helping hand. Staff even collected old newspapers to help provide bedding for a bird charity. How could you shut this store? I think whoever decided to do this, needs to hang their head in shame. To close the store was bad enough, but to do so in such an underhanded and dirty way, was truly disgusting.

When ASDA arrived there was no doubt that Co-op took a hit, but your store Manager, worked above and beyond to bring that store back up and he was succeeding, but instead of backing this man and his ingenuity, you pulled the rug. Even I, as a mere customer, could see the potential of that store and the fact that you could not, is pitiful.

You have now left many, many people, particularly the elderly and infirm with no place to shop. Yes, that’s right, you took their ability to shop when you closed their store! Do you realise what you have done? Do you know that by selling out to the company you have, it now jeopardises other well established businesses in Hayle, threatening even more jobs and livelihoods? Is this really the image you seek for your company?

With the help from the Hayle community, and the media, we have encouraged people to sign this petition. Please do the right thing and bring back the Co-op, give the staff back their jobs and the community back its' store! It’s the only decent thing to do and isn't that what the Co-op should be seen to be doing, or are your adverts nothing but a pack of lies?


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