Demand the NFL Intervene to End Dysfunction in DC

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To Roger Goodell and the NFL

Just before we rang in 2019, Scott Van Pelt of ESPN shared some of this own thoughts about the situation with the Redskins. I'm glad I had my smartphone nearby so I could capture it. I think it's worth having a look on the first link below link.

ESPN's Scott Van Pelt's Redskins Comments on 12/31/2018

ESPN's Scott Van Pelt's Redskins Comments on 10/08/2019

Bruce Allen's Press Conference on 10/07/2019


You can also have a look at the latest comments by Scott Van Pelt in the above list of links, which he gave recently---the second calling out of Daniel Snyder in less than a year. This should bring you up to date on just how dire the situation has become in DC. Dan Snyder's and Bruce Allen's ongoing dysfunctional conduct and decision-making with this once respected organization has destroyed not only this team, but also the spirits of so many loyal and passionate fans who have now moved on after too many years of disappointments, defeats, and deceptions. After 20 years of ownership, Daniel Snyder has clearly demonstrated his thorough and absolute incompetence as an NFL owner.

We wish to send a very strong message to you that we are tired of the "circus" in the front office of the Washington Redskins, which seems to have no end in sight. As I recall, there is a term known as "Conduct Detrimental to the Team," which should apply to the owner just as much as it should to the players, coaches, and other staff.

Daniel Snyder has demonstrated many times and for many years just such conduct, yet nothing has been done. I think it's time you begin addressing this problem and finally see it for what it is. We have three simple words for Daniel Snyder: "SELL THIS TEAM!!!!"