Issues in The Faculty of ICT

Issues in The Faculty of ICT

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Mr. SM Marebane

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Started by Null Null

As students of ICT we are pleading with the University to give us a chance for atleast two make up tests (Formative assessment & Assignment/Webtest)

Our plea comes after we've seen a large number of students not performing well in these assessments.
This may lead to a great number of students failing.
We plead with the University to take into consideration some of the things that may have contributed to this:

• Forcing completion of a 6 months semester in 6 weeks of learning and students having assessment to do.
•Students had to cover work that is normally covered in 6 months in that 6 weeks.

We fully understand that the crisis we in as a country but we plead with the University to understand the grievances of the students.
And we also ask that some of the assessment like webtests and assignments to be postponed since students are writing summative assessments at the moment. We ask so students can proper prepare for these summative assessments.

Failing to give the students a second chance may lead to a number of students facing probation and exclusion.

271 have signed. Let’s get to 500!