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Delay the Circular Force Test

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We want to delay the circular motion test. Because the Kinematics test was delayed to last Friday (the 17th), Mr. Sidman spent all of last week reviewing Kinematics, which, while it allowed us to do well on that test, has put us all in a quandary for the circular motion test, as we have had no time to review. Furthermore, he taught us the whole unit yesterday, which forced him to go quickly and possibly skip over some stuff. Additionally, we have no foundation for this, as we were taught the unit in one day with the homework over the weekend not being useful for the test. The crowning jewel of this is that while Mr. Sidman has put in the test and the answers to the test in the OneNote, even if we memorize the answers and pass we will be completely caught unaware on the AP Test, which is the main goal of this class, not simply the day to day tests. For this reason, we are petitioning Mr. Sidman to delay the circular motion test and take the time to go over it and actually teach the unit. 

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