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Tamilnadu does not want NEET!!!

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"Anitha, a dalit HSC student of Tamilnadu, committed suicide for not getting through NEET exams".

This was the headline of most of local news channels, news editors and article writers.

I need to tell you three things from this headline.

1.       The word dalit itself abusive and shame on those people who used this word to describe the girl’s caste and also for those who talk behind the back, she was eligible enough to get a seat through general category as she got 1176/1200 with a mammoth cutoff is 196.5 so she didn’t rely on her caste background to support her.

2.       Anitha wasn’t educationally weak but financially weak. Those who cleared NEET in the state will admit that they depended on the private coaching classes, spending lakhs of rupees to crack that test. On the other hand, Anitha’s from Kuzhumur, Ariyalur had no means of affording such an amount.

3.       Her protest against NEET exams is not something selfish, it was for the whole mass of students who study stateboard syllabus and it is bizarre that the indian government which has given the right for all the 29 states to frame their own stateboard syllabus is introducing a common entrance test focusing on the central board.


Clearly my proposal is to remove NEET from Tamilnadu. Here are the most common reasons why.

1.       The total number of private schools in the state is 3200+ while the government schools have an upper hand of having 55000+ schools in across the state.

2.       Considering the needs of the students in the government schools NEET is logically a war that cannot be won. Coaching centers who crave for money have made the state a hub for business.

3.       Not to mention the fees structure in the private coaching centers!!!

4.       When a country with a diverse platform in education is given a common eligibility named NEET students like anitha are not at all taken into consideration.

5.       The idea of free education can never be achieved in this society when NEET is prevalent.

6.       I do agree to the fact that there are students from the state have cleared NEET but how many?

If the state syllabus is improved and revised it’ll be a good console but that will not be satisfying, removing coaching centers from the state will be against the right of the people.


“Education will reach every nook and corner of the country” is what the Prime Minister stated and NEET is exactly repulsive to his quote.

What will students who are struggling with their daily needs do if this common test of eligibility is prevalent?

Unless NEET is removed from the state, a large mass of students will suffer and the system will collapse. A dream has died and many more are under threat and hope you my friend will understand by reading this petition if there is some traces of humanity is left.

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