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75% attendance should NOT be MANDATORY!!!!!!

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75% Attendance should NOT BE MANDATORY!!!!!

There are many practical reasons for this change and I would like to bring attention to some of them:-

*Attending college for 8 hours and completing Journals,Assignments, Projects,Submissions and much more becomes a source of stress.

*75% attendence doesn't guarantee skill, practice or anything of value to the students.

*Its really important to gain knowledge than to be just physically present in the class...

*Students who are away from their families their parents afraid to call them home in a fear that their child will be detained in exams.

*In order to complete their academics they have no time to take part in EXTRA- CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES which are also mandatory in today's world

*Due to this stress and pressure SUCIDES and DEPRESSION has become really common in teenagers

Keeping in mind all the above mentioned points i would like to propose the 75% attendance rule to be revoked.

these are some of many problems faced by students so do support this and leave a comment below about your problem

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