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Fix Oakland's Road Infrastructure

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Road infrastructure, the basic street facilities and installations needed for the operation of a community, are currently considered as in poor condition, and as a result is causing many drivers to pay more for vehicle maintenance than average and this is a problem for economic growth for many Oakland residents. The occurrence of poor road infrastructure happens because of how they are poorly constructed, poorly pavemented, and the constant increase of vehicles driving over it. Many roads are constantly deteriorating and must be fixed, however many are also neglected and it is an issue to the neighborhoods that don’t receive the repairs. Oakland’s streets are an important component that keeps our community in a constant flow, and when many streets are untended, consequences increase on the road, like when traffic and damages from potholes occur. Road infrastructure impacts the whole operation of a community, both drivers and pedestrians alike. The constantly neglected roads and poor pavement solutions on many roads around Oakland are only making road infrastructure worst.

I ask Mr. Russo that a change to Oakland’s public road services be created to prioritize the many roads that must be fixed in Oakland. The change that must be made to Oakland’s public road services is its reliability. Many poorly conditioned roads that are being reported to be fixed are said to be done later, but are instead becoming neglected. Changing Oakland’s public road services to have a better system of communicating the different streets area that would be fixed monthly would help to increase its prioritizing. There should also be a yearly survey given to the residents of Oakland, to report the roads that they feel must be fixed and later have a list be created on the priority of the streets and dates of the maintenance days online. This is an effective solution because if more information is passed to the public, action would be prioritized and improvement to Oakland’s roads could be done.  

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