Ban mandatory online homework!

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Students being required to do homework every night on a computer for a grade is absurd! What about the economically disadvantaged students who don't have access to Wi-Fi or a computer? What about those families who can't afford to buy a computer? What about families with several children who need it for an hour or more and there's only one computer? What about families who's parents work from home on their computer or have to travel with it? What happens when the wifi isn't working or a family just simply can't afford to pay the wifi bill? Sure your child can use the computer lab before school, if their bus gets them there early enough. But what happens when the bus is running late to school? Not only that, but students have to choose to either go to lab and do their homework on the computer or go to breakfast. It is so insane that a child should have to choose between getting a good grade for a required computer assignment and go hungry OR eat a good breakfast and get a bad homework grade. What happened to activity sheets being sent home as extra practice. Our school system has done a magnificent job at integrating technology in the classroom! But that's where it should stay, in the classroom. Assignments that are for a grade should not have so many variables involved (such as no computer, no wifi, no transportation to a public library, and choosing between breakfast or lab to complete homework because they weren't able to do it at home) that could cause them to not be able to complete the assignment. The expectation of students to complete homework at home on an electronic device that requires wifi is ABSOLUTELY insane! Teachers please send home activity sheets, not a website. As a former teacher, I'd appreciate all of your support in this matter. 

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