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We Are Against A Nuclear waste dump

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Residents in the South Australian region of Kimba is shortlisted to house a nuclear waste dump.

Two of the six shortlisted sites are in the small farming community of Kimba and some residents are frustrated.  

Some of the residents conserns are property value losses Used nuclear fuel, stored as a solid ceramic in metal cladding, generates heat and is highly radioactive and dangerous.

One sobering fact is that not one country has successfully built a storage facility for high-level nuclear waste,

At the moment there are large stockpiles of used nuclear fuel and intermediate level waste being stored in safe, but temporary facilities around the world. Countries are desperate to get rid of this stuff, which is why it could be so lucrative for Australia to take it but why does it have to be dumped in Kimba.

This petition is a way for the community and residents of kimba to voice their concern and have their opinion about not wanting nuclear waste dumped in their community. The affects that may follow if this nuclear plan goes ahead could be devastating to the community as they pride themselves on the beautiful land in which their farms and bussinesses are built.

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