Stop construction on Avana point

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In a recent proposal to the Cook islands National environment services, Prepared by Atatoa Herman for Mr Richard Ireton, Proposing accommodation development along the foreshore of Avana point. This includes creating a coastal protection wall that surrounds the western, eastern and northern foreshore boundaries. Well known for the scared relationship it shares in connection to the first vakas that passed through, the koiti raukura crabs, aswell as the moi fish that are native to the area. It is one of the few natural attractions that locals and tourist like to visit, due to its first-hand experience with Rarotongas rugged reefs. From the adrenaline rush surfers, Locals looking to find a waterhole or a quiet spot to fish. Avana point and reef is used well by locals and tourist alike. Although the proposed development will not prohibit all access to the point, as an alternate eastern track will be made separate to the one we already use. There is no telling what changes are set in place to erode the environment surrounding what we know to be a natural jewel. We hope to stop construction in this area and make it a World Heritage site due to its cultural significance. Please sign the petition and help up protect this natural landmark.