Breaching of Security When suddenly your Mobile SIM Card/Mobile no is sold to others.

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We purchase SIM Cards from Mobile Network providers like Airtel, Idea, Vodafone, BSNL etc as a prepaid customers linking the same with our Aadhar Card. And we register this Mobile no with our Banks Accounts so that we get all important alerts of our Transactions & OTP. The same Mobile no is also used for security when we we login to our Facebook, Yahoo, Gmail, Twitter, Linkedin accounts. The same mobile no is also used when you purchase any item online or you make transactions using my Transactions app. The validity of such SIM cards are told as Lifetime.

But suddenly you find that your SIM card is deactivated & sold to someone else and then the person who has purchased your mobile no as sold by these Mobile Network provider is getting all such alerts & OTP which is like breaching with your security & personal information.

When you approach the Mobile Network provider to keep your existing mobile no active then they do not help you at all. Then you know how difficult it is to implement the new Mobile no at each and every place.

I strongly request the Ministry to make an instruction & Rule that Once the SIM Card (Mobile No) sold to any individual should not be deactivated & sold to other customers unless and until there is a written consent from the existing Customer/Mobile user.