Stop ACT government reprisal against disability carers before it's too late!!!

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My family member is a ticking timebomb, living with paranoid psychosis and being controlled by a domestically violent unstable dad.

Dad controls him in every way but the most dangerous is by threatening him to lie to his psychiatrist, stop taking his meds, putting dangerous ideas into his head and not allowing us to get him help when he's psychotic.

Dad is charasmatic and lies to health staff while we sit there trembling in fear and afraid to speak. Typical dv behaviour. Health staff listen to dad despite our concerns.

Mum and I have gone to all treating professionals, every organisation and we are told ACT Health and ACAT are at fault.

No carer raising serious concerns or complaints should be subject to reprisal by government. End of story.

Mr Rattenbury needs to stop supporting:

1) government reprisal
2) carer abuse by government
3) inadequate mental illness support
4) disappearing complaints

I understand staff are underresourced and have good intent but they need specialized training and support on how to recognize and respond to carers and patients with mental health disability esp living in dv, if we are to reduce scenarios which leads to fatalities and criminal acts.

We've been told to "come back when he's about to kill himself or others"; "he can get himself out of dv"; the hospital sent him home unwell to "expose him to more stress"; "accept that people with disability are exploited" etc

Carers raising issues that are this serious need to be able to do so with adequate health staff engagement, so that violence to the affected party is minimised. It is really dangerous for staff to take a little bit of info and make decisions/plans without involving the person who has knowledge of the dv because an outsider does not know what triggers the dv, consequently leaving the person in worse situation than if nothing had been said.

Further staff actively telling patients to ignore their carers when they have no other friends or family is ridiculous.

Further, after complaining...the public advocate and health staff supporting domestic violence perpetrators by telling them about actions the carers have taken, with Courts and law enforcement to protect people, and then lieing to the court is disgusting! 

I will not sit by and wait for my family member to kill himself, be harmed or harm the innocent public (driving into people, stalking etc) - it could be you or your loved ones :(

I am calling on the ACT Mental Health Minister, Attorney General and Chief Minister to do the right thing and stop carer and consumer abuse!!

I will not go away. I'm doing this for every carer being treated like criminals by the government for years!

Please share and sign my petition before it's too late for our loved ones (yours and mine).