Timely handover of Sowparnika Shirdi Towers Phase 2 apartments

Timely handover of Sowparnika Shirdi Towers Phase 2 apartments

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SOWPARNIKA SHIRDI TOWERS PHASE 2 started this petition to Mr. Ramji Subramaniam and

Dear Sir,
We would like to bring to your notice, the unanimous and collective decision taken on the date of 20/02/2019 by the apartment owners of Shirdi Phase 2, Your Company’s project in Trivandrum.

1. You haven’t complied with the agreement clauses on deliverables w.r.t. the completion of works (Refer - Agreement & Brochure) and done a full handover till date, to those who bought apartments from your company. Your office on this matter (Since October 2017) offered many deadlines during the meetings, time and time again which were never met. Despite the above, the delivered works were of inferior quality and incomplete. We hereby attach the list of pending works along with this letter, for your immediate action. We would not like to have any further reminders or representations on this regard and request your office to finish all pending
works on or before 10/03/2019.

2.The TC/ Occupancy Certificate documentation is still pending despite many promised timelines shared by your office representatives and lately we are not seeing any progress in the proceedings. We request your personal intervention in this matter on an urgent basis and help resolve the issue on TC/Occupancy certificate on or before 10/03/2019. Failing which, the Shirdi Phase 2 Apartment Owners would be forced to seek legal proceedings. We once again request you and your office to seriously consider our plea on the TC/Occupancy certificate
within the date mentioned above and complete the handover.

3.There were breaches of agreement clauses offering apartments in other levels than promised. Even for such owners, there was no genuine support or help from your office to amend/edit the necessary documents (as per Kerala Registration Act) in the banks and other institutions. We request your immediate attention and intervention with due compensations paid to the respective owners for any losses incurred in this regard and this issue on documentary changes on change of flat levels, may be resolved on or before 10/03/2019. The owners will proceed
with apartment registration only after appropriate legal compliance.

List of Pending works
1. Permanent water connection
2. KSEB connection.
3. Floor Number Issue
4. Water flow problem at 7th and 6th Floor . Installing the pressure pump is still pending.
5. Roofing on the terrace as Sowparnika promised that there will be one more floor, 8th floor on the top of 7thfloor to all owners bought the flats in the 7th floor during booking time.
6. Cover the Open Duct in the ground floor with Poly carbonate sheet or other material.
7. Lay tiles at Atrium area.
8. Lobby area, Individual mail boxes & fixing of name board.
9. Correction of water logging on the tiles in front of building.
10. Paver Tiles to be corrected on the vehicle Ramp.
11. Wash room/Changing room near swimming pool . EWC and shower facility to be provided.
12. All other pending general works including exterior painting, sunshades etc.
13. Drivers room is not usable.
14.Proper lighting on the approach road and front area.
15. Approach road tarring and remove unnecessary humps
16. Incinerator location change.
17. Benches near childrens play area.
18. Separate Association room & Recreation room.
19. Separate Care taker room, presently using fire control both as care taker room.

On all the above issues, we request your personal intervention/ representation to seriously consider our plea and resolve all issues on or before 10/03/2019. We, the Shirdi Phase 2 Apartment owners are not willing for any further meetings with your office representatives in this regard. If our requests are not being looked into and resolved, we will be forced to seek legal path and also will represent our case in the right platforms for justice.

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At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!