Election tie up with BSP/SP, AIUDF in assam, AAP congess

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We request to honorable President of All India National Congress Party, Rahul Gandhiji and all Senior leaders of the party to consider alliance with selected regional parties having considerable vote share.

Do review the below statistics/analysis.
(1) In UP, alliance with BSP and SP
In 2014 general election, below was vote share –
Congress - 7.50%
SP - 22.20%
BSP - 19.60%
Total Secular parties vote share - 49.30%
BJP - 42.30%
Though secular vote share was higher by more than 7% when compared to BJP, it managed to win 71 seats, which is almost 90%.

(2) In Assam alliance with AIUDF (Molana Badruddin Ajmal)
In 2014 general election, below was vote share –
Congress - 29.60%
AIUDF - 14.89%
Total Secular Vote share - 44.49%
BJP - 36.50%
AGP - 3.80%
Total Vote share - 40.30%
Secular vote share was Higher by 4.19%, but BJP won 7 seats, which is almost 50%
The above really highlights the need for alliance with secular forces to counter BJP

Further, below are some of the opinion polls held in recent past.Average of 5 good opinion polls which were held in March 2019 shows total seat of NDA around 275

But average of 5 opinion polls held in Jan/ Feb 19 shows total seat of NDA 237
Average of 7 opinion poll shows 35 seats in UP and 6 seats in Assam

If above opinion poll has any credibility, Congress and alliance needs to win at least 50 seats more.
And this is possible in UP and Assam comfortably, by 40 and 7 respectively if we Alliance with the above mentioned regional parties.

We are not discussed and consider here alliance with AAP in Delhi haryana and Punjab as it's all ready on final stages in result of congress internal survey and we will hope party shoud to be done in up and Assam

It is the need of the hour to beat the pseudo-nationalist party that spreads hatred and divides the people of our beloved country. And we all see congress is capable of beating them.
We not discussed here for Delhi haryana Punjab as discussion neraly on final satage for allence with AAP which because of congress internal opinion poll

Same also be done for above two state UP and Assam

We, being the secular forces are always there to give a helpin byg hand to Congress for any difficulties it may face, anywhere including alliance with these parties.

For save of humanity love and country