Appeal for water conservation

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​You are 60% water,at least save 60% of yourself... this is an appeal to save and conserve water in our residential colonies like Vasant Vihar,Anand Niketan ,Shanti Niketan and West End.

i appeal to all for the closure of 9 tube wells run by the Vasant Vihar society.

Vasant Vihar is a residential colony in South Delhi. As of now there are 10000 houses here and out of these houses 450 residences are extracting valuable and irreplaceable water from 9 tube wells despite having water supply from the MVV.

Why should these 450 houses get extra privilege for the cost of not only water scarcity but also the possibility of having no water in this colony for the future generations?

Now that there is an emergency declared by the Prime Minister of the country as we all fear that we might not be left with any water by 2030.Is it fair to misuse water like this?

Extraction of water from these tube wells which are working almost throughout  the day in leading to less water in the colony for years to come as well as less water in our city.

We request everyone to sign this petition ASAP as this is unjust to the environment and residents of the colonies.

Arsheen Singh and Surveen Singh,The Shri Ram School.