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I am a citizen and a parent deeply troubled by the recent cbse class 12 Economics paper leak and the arbitrary decision of cbse to redo the Economics paper without giving a thought to whether there are any other solutions available,and how this will affect lacs of young minds stepping into the world to embrace new lives..All of these children are preparing for some or the other college enterance exam which is to follow the board exams.Redoing the economics exam would mean the children will have to prioritise and choose between the board and the college competitives which can be as tough as the JEE Advance,CLAT,NEET,SLAT, JEE Mains and the list goes on.

What do we advise our children.what is more important.Why should they pay for somebody elses corruption.


Can we before ordering a reexam stop and look for other solutions which will cause probably lesser harm to our future citizens.Can we save them from loosing faith on the system?

The law of the land says that in case of a complicated situation we should try that not one innocent gets punished even if it means that some one who has wronged might benefit.

Can we for a moment visualise that maybe the leaked paper may have benefitted maybe only a few thousands but re examination will punish lacs of innocent students who have already put in their best and are now trying to study for their next exam.

A reexam is a good student's worst nightmare and they can never be as focussed as in the first one.

We have a lot of expextations from you Mr.Modi as you have continiously been in touch with our children.They are the country's future. Please help the children.