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We Don't Need Food From China Right Now Either Part 2

The Dawsons
Aldie, VA

Nov 6, 2011 — China has no equivalent of an FDA, there is no centralized agency that monitors food safety and “bigger, cheaper, faster is the name of the game”. If a food scandal happens, the government executes the person and/or closes the shops and claims to implement food safety standards but there isn’t a central agency to enforce it. There are over 200 farms in China sourcing organic food for the USA and products coming out of there are not necessarily truly organic. brands-importing-beans-from-china-61901012.html We want to see country of origin labeling so if we want to avoid ingredients from China we can. In 2007 Obama said, if elected, he would implement both country of origin labeling and GMOs. Let's hold him to that promise. Signing this petition let's you support both country of origin labeling and labeling GMOs with one signature.


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