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Many Chinese don't drink milk derivative products from China!

The Dawsons
Aldie, VA

Apr 20, 2012 — Check out the video.

So why is this being sent to us if the Chinese people won't even drink it? That's an outrage in itself.
If the Chinese know it is bad and prefer imported milk instead of the milk derivatives they are producing for us , shouldn't we at least have a right to know where it is going in our food supply? We know it does go into some baby formula but that's all we know for sure.

With 4.9 billion dollars worth of ingredients imported every year from China to the US surely there are plenty more places where milk derivatives from China are going and we have a right to know where it all ends up. Please help spread the word. We really have the right to know. Thank you for your support in getting more signatures. We appreciate it!


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