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Please consider my Grandson Allen III for a Pardon.

My Grandson has Asperger's Syndrome, he was accused of felliato perpertrated by his sister at age 12. His IQ at 12 was that of a second grader. His IEP's show that to be true. He had no clue of what was happening to him at the hand of his sister. Not until he was charged at age 17 did he know any better. They convicted him as an "ADULT SEX OFFENDER" for something that took place when he was 12. His brother has come forward and stated it was his sister who took advantage of Allen III not the other way around.

 My grandson was bullied all his life. His own siblings stoned him and broke his glasses while on his face. His last year in school he was beat up a number of times. The last time his VP walked into the boys room to find my Grandson in a pool of blood, out cold. His head was split open and his face was swollen up from the beating. He has not one mean bone in his body and holds no aggression toward his sister either. This was not the first time but I am doing my best to see that it was the last.

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Mr President Obama
Please consider my Grandson Allen III for a Pardon. My Grandson was charged for fellatio that was perpetrated against him when he was 12 by his sister. He was taken advantage of because she knew he had Asperger's Syndrome and Fellatio was preformed upon him. At age 12 his IQ was that of a second grader and he did not know what was happening to him. He was not charged until he was 17 and his father and step mother were in an ugly divorce! His step mother used to call him "IT", because he did not fit in with her idea of a family. Today Allen III is 19 and has a Sixth grade IQ. The Milwaukee officials said this issue would have never made it out of the DA's office. But Waukesha is a Republican strong hold demonstrated by Gov. Scott Walker going there when ever he wants a decision in his favor.

My Grandson's first attorney was Matt Huppertz (Huppertz & Dorrow) who never did present the DA or the courts with any information of his Asperger's Syndrome. He had my Grandson plead guilty before he understood what that would mean to the rest of his life. We fired him and the judge reacted by putting my Grandson in jail. Turns out Huppertz was a DA in Waukesha County and is a golfing partner with the judge.

The second attorney was Dennis Krueger (Maistleman & Assoc.) who has a son with Asperger's Syndrome. We really thought we had a chance with him. Hupperts never did forward any of my Grandson's Asperger's Syndrome information either. He dumped in the garbage. Turns out we did not have any luck with him either. He also was a DA in Waukesha County. He was representing Mr Russell from "Gov Scott Walker's County Executive Office". At the same time he was working for the Fond du Lac County DA's office. When Russell's Judge found out he fired Krueger. Krueger told my grandson to just keep his plea as it is and take what you get. We fired Krueger too as he was working for Fond du Lac County as a DA and charging my Grandson's account at the same time. We only seen Krueger twice in three months. Breach of ethics to say the least.

My Grandson's third Attorney Liz (Lagmann law)did more for him than the first two combined. And she works for a NOT-FOR-PROFIT Law Firm in Milwaukee. She put in for an appeal to change his plea but it had to go to the same judge that convicted him. Then she filed for a change of sentence but again it had to go to the same judge. The judge declined both issues. She never did take into account his Asperger's Syndrome.

I feel if this issue would have been done properly it should have gone to a "Jury Trial" and it would have had another outcome than it did. I just want justice done for a young man who could not have known what was happening at age 12 and a second grade IQ. He understands now at 19 but that is far too late. He got out of jail Oct 3rd at 97 pounds, this is Feb 2013 and he has finally gotten his weight back. He is seeing a concealer to deal with his problems as a result of his trauma in jail.

His sister cried wolf and my Grandson payed the price he should have never even been charged with. While in jail he went from 145 pounds to 97 pounds as he could not handle the stress. He had to be moved five times for his own safety. Now he will be labeled as a sex offender for the rest of his life. We even have neighbors who said if the catch him on the streets they will kill him. All because he is labeled a sex offender.

My Grandson deserves a shot at a Pardon for actions of others and not his idea. I have disowned the grand daughter since I know the parties involved I know who to blame. The sister has been arrested NINETEEN times including two counts of Sexual Assault and many disorderly conduct charges. She is a predator and takes advantage of anyone she she can for what ever it is she wants at the time.

Thank you for your time Sir,
AL Campos Sr.

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