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Please consider my Grandson Allen III for a Pardon.

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My Grandson has Asperger's Syndrome, he was accused of felliato perpertrated by his sister at age 12. His IQ at 12 was that of a second grader. His IEP's show that to be true. He had no clue of what was happening to him at the hand of his sister. Not until he was charged at age 17 did he know any better. They convicted him as an "ADULT SEX OFFENDER" for something that took place when he was 12. His brother has come forward and stated it was his sister who took advantage of Allen III not the other way around.

 My grandson was bullied all his life. His own siblings stoned him and broke his glasses while on his face. His last year in school he was beat up a number of times. The last time his VP walked into the boys room to find my Grandson in a pool of blood, out cold. His head was split open and his face was swollen up from the beating. He has not one mean bone in his body and holds no aggression toward his sister either. This was not the first time but I am doing my best to see that it was the last.

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