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Tell the president that after more than a decade of needless wars, it is time to choose peace.

Despite reports that the cupboard has gone bare and we lack the money to ensure a sound education, good jobs, a robust infrastructure, and a solid safety net, it turns out the money has been right here all along: It’s hidden behind that big jar marked "Pentagon" and the supersized box of corporate tax breaks.

But education, a stable economy, and personal security are critical ingredients to making lasting peace.

The president has every opportunity to lay foundations for lasting peace in his second term. Please urge President Obama to use the power of his office to promote peace – by putting resources into it. 

The president’s recent statements make it clear he is paying attention to what the public is saying during the current debate over the budget. Military contractors and others will continue to push for military expansion, diverting money that could fund needed jobs, education, and social programs. We do have a choice in where we put our resources.

As a candidate, the president voiced his concern for those who are struggling—but it’s up to us to remind him that caring alone is not enough. He must take decisive action to change our national priorities.

Letter to
President of the United States
I urge you to act with courage and vision to put the values you campaigned on into action. All people deserve to live with dignity and to be able to meet basic needs, but today millions of Americans cannot. Runaway military spending and endless war have robbed our communities of much needed funds, while special tax breaks ensure the very wealthiest in our society pay far less than their fair share.

I’m counting on you to support policies that affirm our country’s commitment to peace and transform poverty and strife into well-being. Only by restoring funding for community needs and committing ourselves to more effective and humane tools than war can we build greater economic security and a more peaceful world.

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