President Biden, Provide Ukraine with More Military Aid

President Biden, Provide Ukraine with More Military Aid

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Started by Olga P

Dear President Biden,
We are a strong supporter of yours and we are dismayed that your efforts are not more widely appreciated as you have so carefully navigated the many crises you have faced in you first term. Having said that, part of your success as a leader is your reasonable, careful approach to complex matters; yet, the Ukrainian crisis requires bolder action NOW.
We write you again because the situation in Ukraine is more dire than ever. Even as the press has recently reported Ukraine’s military successes, the Ukrainians are quickly running out of the equipment we have already provided them.
Civilian bloodshed continues despite the valiant efforts of the Ukrainian army. Today we heard stories of rape and murder of young women in Irpin and read of the civilian bodies found in a mass grave in Bucha near Kyiv. This is genocide.
Putin responds to powerful intimidation, not reasonable diplomacy. The time is NOW  to provide Ukraine with stronger military and naval equipment. Ukraine needs to stop Russian bombing. We must help stop the Russian goal to control the Ukrainian coastline on the Black Sea by sending Ukraine naval support. We can surely get equipment to Ukraine through our NATO partners. By us delaying the decision to provide more effective, strong military weapons and aircraft,  thousands of innocent lives are being lost.
Will we once again prove Winston Churchill right when he said:
"You can always count on Americans to do the right thing - after they've tried everything else. “? I hope not! The right thing is to give Ukrainians the strongest military equipment available NOW. In addition, the US must raise the immigration visa access to more than the 100k Ukrainians that was recently announced. How can we  offer such limited refuge when our neighbor, Canada, and our European partners throw open their borders and  we offer access to a mere 1% of the total number ( and climbing ) of displaced Ukrainians? How is that showing compassionate leadership when millions are fleeing for their lives?
We must take stronger action NOW!

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75 have signed. Let’s get to 100!