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Mr. President, Congress. Interior Secretary Salazar must go, before all the wildlife does!

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Picture: BP's DEEPWATER HORIZON rig engulfed in flames. April 20th 2010

In addition to the gulf crisis, another one of Mr. Salazar's works in progress is the - BLM "Wild Horses and Burros" Round-Up Program! A National Disgrace.  How Do You Make 2000 Horses Disappear? Let BLM Manage Them.

There is much to be said concerning Secretary of the Interior Department Salazar. He is a cattle rancher in Colorado, a "trophy hunter/animal killer" and "connected" to "BIG OIL and GAS"! He has done everything in his power to kill American Wildlife for the gain of the cattle industry, hunting industry and "BIG OIL and GAS industries"! Nothing for the very wildlife he swore to protect against the very people like himself! This brief history will  cover some of the issues that must be told to the American People! BLM Sold Out America and Condemns Wildlife to Death by Thirst

Gulf of Mexico Catastrophe

Many experts in the oil industry and scientists, had been warning for over a year, concerning safety issues of the oil rig Atlantis. They demanded that all work stop for a complete inspection of all machinery,  safety procedures, documentation, and EMERGENCY equipment, such as BOP (Blow Out Preventors). These concerns went unheeded by Mr. Salazar and the MMS, so work continued as usual. BP had claimed "zero" percent chance oil leaking for the well and harming the environment and sealife. Early in the morning on April 20th, 2010 the exploration drilling rig, Deepwater Horizon exploded, turning into an enormous fireball, killing 11 men and sending the entire crew into the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, 50 miles south of New Orleans, LA. This was the beginning of the most devastating "man made" environmental disaster ever to hit the United States. BP's initial reports said a small amount of oil may be leaking into the Gulf. Then BP said the BOP failed and 1000 barrels/day of oil was be leaking, next 5,000,  9000,  15,000, 19,000, and finally between 30,000-60,000 barrels/day. BP started using CorExit 9500A dipersant to dispurse the oil. This would later prove to be ill-advised and creating a much larger catastrophe than without CorExit 9500A. BP would not allow "independent experts" access to their internal findings, such as psi (pressure) reading, flow rate or allow "anyone" near the well head of the discharging oil and gas. 100 days later and we still don't know!  With estimates ranging from 3 million barrels of the oil/dispersant mix, and up to 10 million barrels may now be in the Gulf of Mexico, mostly underwater in the "water column" and on the sea floor due to the use of CorExit 9500A, which prohited the oil from remaining on the surface, to be skimmed up, in a relatively routine fashion. Where was U.S. Secretary of the Interior Salazar in demanding access to "everything" and taking control and showing leadership during this crisis? Secretary Salazar's appearent lack concern for the clean up workers, as evident by BP threatening job termination if they wear a respirator. Why is BP getting away with this?


Mr. Salazar, removed the Grey Wolf off of the Endangered Species List, all based on Bush Era "scientific assessments", not his own. He did not take the time to conduct any proper scientific assessments of his own, according to documents  revealed in FOIA (Freedom Of Information Act) requests. While little is known how many wolves are still alive, due to lack of proper surveys, (which should take well over a year to have a "reasonable" count) the mass killing continues in Idaho and Montana, and soon Wyoming. Secretary Salazar has offered no protection for the Polar Bears as their environment continues to shrink from global warming; due to his refusal to recognize Global Warming as a threat to these animals, and continues to allow them to be hunted, with special permits that are available for "qualified" persons/hunters. Mr. Salazar has been brutal towards the very symbol of The Interior Department's Crest, the Buffalo. He allows the never ending harassment of these animals in Montana. If the Buffalo go outside the Yellowstone National Park to the North into Montana, the Montana Department of Livestock has two actions they routinely take. First, running them hard and cruelly back into Yellowstone, and secondly, round-up these Buffalo and send them off to slaughter.

Secretary Salazar's policy of "Wild Horses and Burros round ups" is despicable and illegal! Mr. Salazar is well aware of some, if not many of the horses going to slaughter after they have been "adopted" as part of his overall plan. This strongly suggests that his intention is to eliminate the Wild Horses and Burros permanently! They execute horses, don’t they? Removing them off of their lawfully mandated lands (see. The Wild Horse and Burro Act of 1971) and replaced with cattle, not this year (2010) but next year (2011). By replacing the WH&B with cattle, he must  know the cattle do much more damage to the ecological systems than do the WH&B, yet he blames the "so called" eroding environments on the horses. The WH&B's MUST share"their land" with the cattle and are outnumbered depending on the HMA, by 10:1 and as much as 100:1. He also states "wild horses do not belong on public lands!" These are facts, and at best he is grossly misleading the American People as to these facts, and this is not ACCEPTABLE! There has been no survey conducted on the "actual" number of "Wild Horses and Burros" and no recorded death of WH&Bs by the BLM. Not having such data, gives ZERO legitimacy of Mr. Salazar's claim of sick and dying horses in the wild that must be "round-up" for "their own good". The only WH&B's that have died due to unnatural circumstances, since Mr Salazar's undertaking of these round-ups have been during these round-ups  from broken bones to foals getting lost from their mothers out in the desert alone and suffering through a long and agonizing death! As well as fatal injuries and "stress-induced" fatal illnesses ocurring while captive in Mr. Salazar's holding pens!

"We" as a Nation will and must hold Mr. Salazar accountable for all of his ill-conceived programs! Mr. Salazar must RESIGN NOW, or be faced with the ever growing support of his termination as Interior Secretary, by President Obama!

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