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Renew and strengthen the Clinton-era assault weapons ban.

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I am a ten-year-old girl, and I think too many children and adults are losing their lives.

When I first learned about the shooting at the Aurora theater, I was devastated. When I learned about the shooting at the Sikh Temple, I was not only devastated again, but I was angry that no one was doing anything about this. Then there was a shooting at a mall while people were holiday shopping. Now first-graders getting killed in their classroom is the final straw!

I understand the second amendment’s "right to bear arms," but do we need people walking around with assault weapons opening fire on a bunch of innocent kids?! The second amendment doesn't say which kind of arms. So, if you want to shoot your dinner with a shotgun, that is between you and your dinner.

Mr. President, Senators, and Representatives, it doesn't matter whether you are Republican or Democrat. Put aside your differences and help protect America’s children. I suggest you support Senators Feinstein’s and Lautenberg’s effort to renew and strengthen the Clinton-era assault weapons ban. It should be illegal to buy and sell assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. I found out about this legislation from my teachers and parents. I think it makes sense.

Please Mr. President, please Senators and Representatives, at least try to protect us kids. We may not vote yet but we want to live long enough to be able to!

Even though this tragedy took place almost a month ago we (the undersigned) do not want any momentum lost in addressing the problem!

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