Parity Regarding Pandemic Pay for Front Line Workers

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I could use everyone's help. It seems our elected officials have failed to mention Medical Laboratory Professionals as front line staff. Laboratories are used to being a "behind the scene's " front line hero, taking little credit where major credit is due. Without Laboratory testing, we would not have the data required to test, track, or treat Covid-19. We would have no indicators if social distancing was effective. We would not be able to confirm diagnosis of Covid-19 or confirm recovery of Covid-19. Without us, your Doctors, Nurses, and Politicians are just guessing. Please find time in your day to write to Mr Premier Doug Ford, as well as Ms Christine Elliot and your local Elected Member of Parliament. I am not asking because I want Pandemic Pay, I am asking because I want Parity with my fellow front line workers. I want a hospital and a society where there is equality with front line staff. I go to work everyday, put my health and my family at risk and I get a fair wage. But to give other front line staff a pandemic pay increase and exclude me and my profession is an insult to my contribution to the fight against Covid-19. Check my wall for templates if you so desire or write your own letter.