CBSE should allow class 10 and 12 standard Children to change schools

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The children who reach class 10 n 12 are not allowed to change schools as per CBSE norms as a result most parents are forced to follow the dictates of the schools. Most private schools force children go through a very tough regime which includes lot of extra classes etc. Especially if the child is even a little weak in studies.Mine was forced ro leave all her extra curricular activities when i tried to talk to them i was asked to remove my child from school which i could not as no other school would take her as per CBSE rule

I was forced to take her out of all her sports and other activities as a result she lost any chances for international conventions which was just before the exams started .

I urge CBSE to consider my plea and remove this ban on allow ing children to appear in the exams as private Students  or to change school mid session even in 10 n 12