Build roots for equal rights and respect for women.

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I am a young girl. All through my life I have been loved and adored by one and all. But as I started understanding things, I realised that it is not this way for every girl born. Yes, there is poverty and very high population in our country. Many kids out on the streets, working, begging. All this bothers me, but what bothers me more is that even where poverty does not exist, some of my sisters are very poor. Unfortunately, they do not get healthy food, do not get to go to schools, despite of having millions left by their ancestors, they do not get to use a rupee out of it, some of them are even denied the right to live.
It was all too shocking for me. I wanted to do something about it so I chose it as a school project and started researching in detail. What worse could I find, gender discrimination is not just prevalent in India, but across the world, it’s been there since generations and ages.
Don’t get me wrong, I am aware that the government has made many laws & launched many schemes, where education is free till grade 8, free mid-day meal is provided, where dowry is abolished, schemes like ‘BBBP’ are launched, foeticide and infanticide are criminal offences. The annual spend of our government in this regard is more than the annual budgets of small countries.
Then why, why has the situation not changed? Why is the gender ratio going down? In certain states the gap is jaw dropping. Why despite of everything, no change is happening? I know that I am young and I can not arrive at all the answers that soon. But a few things I realized may change the future of girls in my country.
I request our government to
• To start teaching fundamental rights from when the child is five years old and keep on teaching the same all through primary years so that our rights are rooted within them, whether girl or boy.
• Introduce morals and manners as a class at the age of five, and continue on teaching all through school so that they learn respect towards everyone (especially women and girls).
I request respected readers to support my petition and help my request reach the law makers so that the roots of discrimination are wiped and those of respect, equality and equal opportunity are rooted in.
A big thank you with warm regards and a big smiley!!