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The movie 'Krishna and His Leela' - another demoniac attempt at blasphemy

Since June 25, 2020 a sleazy Telugu movie under the name and style of 'Krishna and His Leela' is being streamed on various OTT platforms (Netflix, and for the devotees of Lord Krishna and His consort Smt. Radha this is nothing short of blasphemy. The very fact that the name of the movie and the names of the lead actor and the two actresses are matching with those found in the most sublime Krishna Leela is not a mere coincidence. This is a calculated scheme to show the Vedic divine icons in bad light. The hero in this movie who is named as ‘Krishna’ is depicted to be a sleazy, slimy character without moral values who is chasing/ hunting women named ‘Radha’ and ‘Satya’, two timing and mixing liberally, using profanity, asking for sexual favours, sleeping with them, talking sleaze on phone, drinking, smoking, cheating on them, telling lies, etc. He is shown to be a spineless and morally degraded character. There are moments when the heroine named ‘Radha’ is shown to be (a) talking sleaze on phone and (b) once after getting pregnant, shown to have undergone self-induced abortion. Finally in the very last line of the movie during his fictitious book launch, the hero is shown to be saying that he was inspired to use the names of all the characters after “Lord Krishna, Satyabhama and Radha”. So the final line is the ultimate blasphemy against the worshiped icons of the Sanatan Dharma and an attack on the beliefs and self-esteem of the followers of this oldest religion in the world. The content depiction is detrimental and inimical to the interest of a large number of devotees of Lord Krishna who belong to all religious denominations and who are spread all over the world. Therefore all the people and agencies involved in the making and displaying of this movie ‘Krishna & His Leela’ deserve to be condemned. 

This movie is in very bad taste which is showing characters with divine names display promiscuous behaviour. For the devotees coming from different Vaishnavite Sampraday/ traditions/ schools of thought the names and the fame of the Lord, His pass times (Leela), and paraphernalia are considered to be non-different from the Lord Himself. Therefore this irreverential use and depiction of divine names amounts to blasphemy. The act of making, directing and producing this movie is prejudicial and an attempt to denigrate the Hindu religion, the Indian culture and its age old traditions. It will have unwelcome adverse effects on the psyche of Indian youth in particular for generations to come. Sign the Petition. 

Displaying and publishing of such a profane and lascivious movie using the popular names of the God and His consorts is not only injurious to Their iconic status, it is mala fide and totally impermissible in law. Making of such an iconoclastic movie amounts to character assassination of the Divinity and a coordinated attempt to destroy the beliefs and self-esteem of Their devotees.

While the right of freedom of speech & expression is granted to all citizens of India, it  is subject to certain limitations which include consideration towards maintaining public order, decency, morality, preventing defamation of entities/ individuals. The so called artists must not take liberty with this 'right.'

Apparently the movie has not gone through the Censure Board scrutiny; and because the state apparently is not discharging its duty of preventing making of and displaying of such denigrating movies which are indulging in blasphemy as stated above, therefore it is paramount to bring this matter to the notice of general public and mobilise its support since it relates to morality and decency in the interest of the society at large. 

Unfortunately the complaints lodged with the police have as yet not resulted in an FIR. For the ends of justice and equity, good conscience and for the interest of the society at large, it is most urgent to mobilise social support against the various OTT platforms named above to promptly discontinue and stop displaying of this movie.

It is a request to all conscientious members of the society to recognise this as a serious issue, a premeditated plan of hurting the sentiments of followers of Hindu religion; and by signing this petition help convey your concerns to the Minister of Information and Broadcasting, Minister of Law and Justice and Minster of Electronics and IT, Govt. of India. Your endorsement will help in recognition of this issue at the highest levels of the government about the mala fide intention of the people behind making of this and other similar movies in the past and future; and bring about their complete ban.

(Watch a video of a celebrated monk condemning the movie: Netflix ki Nautanki)

It is also important to convey a strong message to all so called perverted ‘creative writers’ and ‘creative artists’ to stop making similar misadventures in the future; and stop taking liberty in projecting/ displaying the icons of Hindu religion in an abusive, outrageous, degrading, derogatory, offensive and pejorative manner. May the most merciful Lord show them the light of wisdom and help them realise how profound the reaction of their Karma would be - in this or one of their next human lives, if they get one. 

(Video credit: HG Amogha Lila Das)