Higham Lane High School's 6th Form To Build Student Car Park - Save Our Grass Verges!

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Higham Lane High School 6th Form students are damaging the grass verges around Brookdale Road, Higham Lane, Shanklin Drive and Niton Road by parking their cars on them to be close to the 6th form building. 

There is no onsite parking offered to the students at all and this has caused them to park on these verges and cause damage to our verges. 

www.warwickshire.police.uk/article/6240/Parking it has stated that "Vehicles cannot park, either fully or partly, on council-owned grass verges. Often there are local by-laws in place to prevent this, due to the damage vehicles can cause to grass or the need to keep access to properties clear. If the land is privately owned and the landowner gives permission, then you may be able to park on a grass verge lawfully." this can lead to the breaking of an obstruction law or criminal damages. The police can also fine the offending person. 

Unfortunately, due to the students parking, many residents Weddington are angry, and some have keyed the students cars, left aggressive letters on the cars and also have been verbally abusive to the students.

The School had planning conditions on parking. The school only had permission for the six form on conditions that it were considerate. (please see below)

"Prior to the commencement of the development hereby approved, a Green Travel Plan shall be submitted to and approved in writing by the Council. The travel plan, as submitted, shall follow the guidelines in the Planning Practice Guidance notes (Travel plans, transport assessments and statements in decision-taking) and accompanying the application and will include:

1. Targets for sustainable travel arrangements.

2. Effective measures and enforcement for the on-going monitoring of the travel plan, specifically to prevent pupil parking on-street in the vicinity of the site.

3.  A commitment to delivering the travel plan objectives for a period of at least ten years from the start of development.

4. Effective mechanisms to achieve the objectives of the travel plan by both present and future occupiers of the development. 

The development shall be implemented in accordance with the approved travel plan."

Unfortunately it seems the school are failing to keep to this agreement, and this petition is push for a resolution. 

The continuation of this behaviour will lead to a diminished rapport between the Weddington Community and the 6th Form. Develope a bad reputation for Weddington and the school its self, this can potentially cause more animosity and also deter potential students from choosing Higham Lane 6th Form as a place to do their A-levels in future. 

This petition is to encourage Higham Lane High School and Sixth Form to provide parking spaces on site for students that drive. This means our verges have a better chance to recover from the damages, improve the aesthetics of our neighbourhood, retain the good name of the school, the surrounding area and also prevent further problems in the future. 


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