Bring back snacks at ACMA

Bring back snacks at ACMA

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Two years ago lunchtime at ACMA was the fun event it was. But, after going on a one-year-long hiatus, the cafeteria has yet to restock on its famous snack and drink selection. 

We have gone from water, Switch drinks, and Orange juice being sold alongside the standard milk options to just milk as a drink choice. And, aside from our lunches, we do not have anything to eat. 

We're hungry. we're animals when it comes to food, and sometimes the lunch we're given just doesn't cut it. We all miss buying a bunch of chips, drinks, and ice creams for our friends. Now, lunchtime is boring without the fun snacks we could once choose from.

We, the students of ACMA, ask that during lunchtime we once again have the ability to purchase snacks and beverages with our money. We want our ice creams, Switch drinks, Doritos, juices, cookies, and all we had two years ago back in our lunchrooms. We understand this is a difficult and strange time, we know that all too well, but if we can't go back to normal just yet, at least give us the luxury of snacks at lunch again. Everyone here misses it.

For whatever reason, if you're not able to bring back our snacks right now, at least give us the privilege of knowing when they might be reinstated for the future.

47 have signed. Let’s get to 50!