Get Montgomery a School Esports Team

Get Montgomery a School Esports Team

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Started by Aryaman Das

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Montgomery is a school with communities for almost all interests. Like stem? Robotics is the place for you. Like acting, or performing onstage? The school dramas or musicals are the place to go. The one thing the school doesn't cater to, is esports enthusiasts. Despite the likelihood of an esports team being slim, we gave it a shot and spoke with the Vice Principal.  After speaking with Mr. Pachuta the idea of a school esports team doesn't seem so far fetched after all. 

An Esports team would provide students with millions in scholarships, leadership positions, as well as a fun extracurricular to participate in. With over 8600 High School esports, Montgomery should surely join into the competitive gaming community, given its large gaming population.

In order to cater to as many people as possible, Valorant and League of Legends have been chosen as the games of choice, as they can run on even the lowest end of computers, but are large in the esports community. Once we accumulate enough interested participants, we will be able to form an actual club, maybe by the end of this schoolyear, but definitely by the year of 2022-23. Valorant will (once we have enough participants) be offered for those who enjoy FPS games, and League of Legends for those who enjoy slower paced MOBA type games.

If you're interested, please dm bobdoosh#9434 on Discord to show you're interested, and sign/share the petition!

56 have signed. Let’s get to 100!