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Dear All,

Please read following and sign the petition so our dear government will pay attention.

As all of us are aware about climate change and the various reason behind same , one of them is pollution from vehicles and greatest impact of pollution is due to poor infrastructure. 

Can respective ministry pay attention to following

1- Give us toll free City

2- In case toll free not possible please issue yellow line rule asap.

3- RFID- which means Radio frequency identification tag is already present on all vehicle , kindly make all Toll gates automatic without any one stopping the vehicle with Radar identification for vehicles. This will certainly increase revenue for government as money collected from Toll will directly go in Government bank account which at current no one aware where it is going.

4- Maintain the road as you collect toll and tax from us . 

Basis following studies collected from various sources.


Please find below from

1-Hindustan times as well as same is mentioned in "INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF RESEARCH AND TECHNOLOGY " by K P Tiwari, R N Singh, J B Balwanshi.

Burning one litre fuel leads to 2.5 kg of carbon dioxide emissions (2.3kg for petrol and 2.5kg for diesel). Based on these numbers, it is estimated that fuel worth Rs 54 crore is wasted every year due to snarls at the toll plaza.

Additionally, the carbon dioxide generated due to idling at the toll plaza is to the tune of 22,812 tonne per year. To compensate for this loss, afforestation of 3,729 acres would be required on a permanent basis. The loss of tree cover will increase at the same rate at which traffic increases at the toll plaza.

Rising healthcare cost due to poor air quality is an additional burden which has not been computed by any survey. Creating a green zone around the toll plaza may help partially absorb the air pollutants but the cost would be more than Rs 10,000 per acre annually.

2- World Health Organisation

“[W]hen infants and pre-schoolers are exposed to indoor and outdoor air pollution and second-hand smoke they have an increased risk of pneumonia in childhood, and a lifelong increased risk of chronic respiratory diseases, such as asthma. Exposure to air pollution may also increase their lifelong risk of heart disease, stroke and cancer.”
One of the two reports, Don’t pollute my future! The impact of the environment on children’s health, notes that most of humanity lives in environmentally stressed areas:

“92% of the global population, including billions of children, live in areas with ambient air pollution levels that exceed WHO limits. Over three billion people are exposed to household air pollution from the use of solid fuels. Air pollution causes approximately 600,000 deaths in children under five years annually and increases the risk for respiratory infections, asthma, adverse neonatal conditions and congenital anomalies. Air pollution accounts for over 50% of the overall disease burden of pneumonia which is among the leading causes of global child mortality. Growing evidence suggests that air pollution adversely affects cognitive development in children and early exposures might induce development of chronic disease in adulthood.” [page 3]
These types of calculations on health and mortality are absent from debates on environmental regulations. And not only is the human toll missing from cost/benefit analyses, but this pollution is actually subsidized.

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