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What can be more grievous than cutting down our own life lines? Do we ever realize what risks we are putting ourselves in to by our so called “advancement”? Doesn’t the government find the forests reserves important anymore?

Ever since men have started civilizing, he has blindly disregarded the virtues he has been given by the Mother Nature. It is the reason we are running out of all the unrestricted amenities provided to us and many wouldn’t deny on the fact that we have already started to suffer the consequences of terminating our life-giving resources.

Telangana government’s decision to hand over 2900 acres of forest area in Damagundam to the central government for the naval authorities to establish a VLF (very low frequency) RADAR CENTER  has disappointed many. The Naval facility sought to be built in the Damagundam Reserve Forest is an Extremely Low Frequency (3 to 30 hertz) base station which will be used as a communication hub for submarines.

This step taken up by the government, which says about 1000 acres of the forests will be cleared to create the base is deadly alarming. Clearing such great amount of forests will definitely have a huge impact by increasing co2 levels in the atmosphere and there by affecting human lives. There will be a major misbalance in the flora and would lead to issues that would cause a shift in the water-cycle, leading to less rainfall.

This project is a great threat not just to the lush green forest reserve but also to fauna that exists there. This Forest is home for Sambar, Blackbuck, Cheetal (spotted deer) Chowsingha (four-horned antelope), Chinkara (Indian gazelle), Junglee Bakri (wild goat), Mouse Deer, rabbit, hare, wild boar, bush pig, porcupines, python, monitor lizards and many more such creatures will no longer have a habitat for them leading to their encroachment in to the cities or will face a threat of being endangered.

The tribal communities will find it difficult to survive in their own habitat as they will be restrained by the authorities to freely meander which may also force them to relocate from their grounds.

Not just that, the people living near the areas that are a source of VLF face health disputes. Some recent epidemiologic studies have suggested that the exposure to extremely low frequency (ELF) electromagnetic fields (EMF) affect human health and lead to certain types of cancer, depression, and miscarriage  among individuals living or working in environments exposed to such fields.

There can innumerable reasons the government may give to go on with the project but, there are even stronger reasons to fight for our forests. Deforestation will lead us to devastation. Saving forests is our responsibility as they are the roots of our heritage. Come forward and join hands with me and lets say no to deforestation.

I start this petition against destruction of forest land which provides us with innumerable benefits, I start the petition to save the trees which give us elixir of life; oxygen. I start this petition to conserve the wild life so that not any more species disappear. I start the petition to save the tribal clans so that they can keep our culture rooted and alive .and finally I start this petition  for you, me and every being for we should ever remain thankful to the nature that nourishes us.


B The Change Welfare Society

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