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Appeal to Scrap Hajj Subsidy

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To,                                                               Date: 05 November 2015

Mr. Narendra Modi,

The Prime Minister, Union Govt. Of India

Subject: Appeal to scrap Hajj subsidy

Dear Sir,

With due respect, we citizen of India, request you to remove the Hajj Subsidy provided to those Indian Citizen going to perform Hajj each year from India. 

The major revenue of the Union Government comes from the Tax Payer like us. As you know that those citizen working in the government and private organizations, Union Government take Tax before they receive their salary in their account. The Tax payers hard earned money should be spent primarily for the infrastructure development of India like (Roadways, School/ Colleges / Health Care facilities) and for the defence of my country. 

The religion and the religious belief is completely personal affair. In this case,  State and the Union Government should not spent hard earned Tax Payers money on Hajj subsidy which is very personal affair of the citizen and does not qualify the basic criteria where the Tax Payers money should be spent.

The people of India have given full mandate and made you a strong prime minister with full majority in House. I personally believe that Hajj subsidy is not warranted by constitution and hence, it does not require any law to be passed to remove this. If it requires some law to remove the Hajj subsidy, we request the government to do that. Therefore, it is completely on the will of the government to remove it for welfare of all Indian citizens.

We citizen of India and specially Indian Muslims will support this move of the government with heart and soul to remove the Hajj subsidy. We shall be highly thankful if government will make more educational institutions and help to have easy access to education and healthcare for all citizen of India including Muslims then many tax payers like us shall never have any grievance.

Majority of the citizens are in opinion that no any favour should be given by state / Union Govt. to any religion.

Therefore, we, the citizen of India and specially follower of Islam, request you to kindly consider this petition and scrap the Hajj subsidy for benefit of all citizen of India. 

Thanking you,

With best regards,

Mohammad Masihuddin, Citizen of India


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