Release Sahil Choudhary, Justice for SSR - Please sign the Petition

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My name is Sandeep Phogat and i live in Australia.

I am so sad to see that Sahil Choudhary Model/Youtuber has been arrested, who raised his voice against Maharashtra Government through his Youtube videos. He is one of those people who raised his voice for Justice on Sushant Singh Rajput Case.

There are several people/Politicians who abuse women on social media but they are still free but this innocent person is in jail. What kind of system is in place, there is no democracy in India. Maharashtra government is acting like Hitler.

We want at least 10 Million people to sign this petition within a week, so Indian Prime Minister can see the power of our society and order to release him. We want Sahil Choudhary to be free as soon as possible. Please share this with everyone.

Other political parties are trying to drag each other in different states to divert our attention from Sushant Singh Rajput case but we are strong and we are committed to fight for Justice.