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Reservation for lower castes in government controlled institutions was started 71 years ago.It was done to give the discriminated castes equal opportunities in securing education and jobs.Resevation was to be done only for 10 years but, some politicians for gainning votes started exapanding it. Now, every caste wants reservation wheather patels of gujrat or jatts of haryana. But the actual fact is that there is no need for reservation now.During 1940s it was necessary to prevent the leaders from taking majoritarian laws(since most of them were from top castes) hence, if some ST/SCs were there in parliament they could prevent it. But now since most of the leaders are from reserved castes,even our President is also SC. Thus, there is no need for reservation now.The discrimination is vanished in urban areas.Further, discrimination in rural areas can dealed with laws.The laws are more strong now than they were earlier.Thus, please stop this Reservation system to make India a developed nation.