Justice and Government Support for Indian Security Forces

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The personnel of the Security Forces of India who serve the Nation with great sincerely,, even risking their own lives, are being denied justice to themselves and their families by the very Government they serve.

Whenever cases are decided by various courts and other legal institutions, in favour of Security Forces personnel or even the families of the Martyrs of our Nation, the Government often appeals against such decisions in a strange but obvious attempt to deny justice to them. This also wastes valuable public resources. It is therefore requested that the Government must not act in this manner against the Security Force personnel of the Country and their families.

We the Citizens of the Nation stand in support of our valiant Security Forces and the Martyrs and their families. It is strongly felt by us that our Government should stand by the justice provided to such personnel and not try to oppose it.

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Yours sincerely,

Lt Col Jagwant Singh Bath SM