Medicare for Indian Ministers and Bureaucrats in Government Hospitals; Why VIPs go abroad?

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Would you go to a government hospital for your/family treatment? 

Why do these so called VIPs and their families travel abroad for hospital treatment while a common man has no choice but to go ill-equipped government run hospitals.

Why do tax payer have to pay for these VIPs treatments aboard?

When will be our Government Hospitals "Good Enough" for ministers and bureaucrats? 

I request my fellow citizens to think about the current state of affairs at government hospitals and need provide an quality treatment to a common man. Doesn't he deserve proper medical care and treatment during difficult times?

This petition is to demand our elected ministers to STOP going abroad for treatment and instead get treated in our country.

It is high time all the Indian Ministers and Bureaucrats pledge to  improve the quality government hospitals and set an example to get treated in them.