Escorting breaks for on duty mothers whose children are in school.

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I am a mother of two little children aged six years and two years. I earn my livelihood by working as a technician in a laboratory in the R&D sector. 

I have been facing a problem since I admitted my older daughter to school. Her school disperses at noon. As there is no one in my family to escort her back home I have to take out time from my office hours to do the same.

I have been doing this for the past two years and my employers have been empathising with me to make that possible. With changing times, rules have become stricter, employers are becoming more unkind and intolerant  and I am now being threatened with dire consequences by my present employers.

In such circumstances I am left with the only option of withdrawing my child from school and thus jeopardizing her career so that I can devote all my time to my job. Also, I cannot admit my second child to school because that will double the problem.

In this era of increasing incidents of child abuse, molestation and kidnapping, I cannot afford to hire a paid escort or car pool and put my child in danger.

We all know that the government is promoting children's education with more stress on girls education. The government is already providing us with a reimbursement of school fees and money to buy books and stationery each year. But how can we avail those allowances if the children cannot attend school regularly?

Thus through this petition I am begging the government to provide mothers like me with a provision of child escorting break during office hours so that we can take care of our job as well as our children's schooling. I am willing to carry some portion of office work to home and finish it there and submit it to compensate for the time that I consume as an escorting break.

Thanking all of you in advance for your support.