Change the education system of India. Bring a new Board to the students.

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CBSE is spoiling the future of 10th & 12th class students. It had made many blunders over the past years. And this year too they can't handle their duties.

Someone leaked the paper and it affected 3 million students. Many of us have plans to do. But they are all delayed and we can't focus on future with the re-exams. Maybe the paper was leaked by the officials purposely to earn money. They don't know the problems we are going through. Now education is also been politicized. Government is also not active on education. It just wants the country developed, but how will the country develop when the future is at stake. 

So the government should make big changes in CBSE or Change CBSE with alternate more developed education system. We are also the people of the country. It's a major problem that the Government should check rather than banning currency.