Approve strict punishment for inhumane rapists before it's too late

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The situation of our society is becoming worse day by day. The women in our country still continues to suffer, be it a little 4 year old girl, a lady from a small town or a celebrity. Inspite of continuous struggle and thousands of movemments on women empowerment and feminism, there are no result. According to reports, a women in India is molested or raped every 20 minutes. Can anyone understand the pain of a girl being raped? Who is responsible for such inhumane acts? Can any punishment be enough for even figiting with a girl's respect? The answer is NONE. 

The destiny of a girl's future should not  be judged on the basis of the size of her clothes. Even a well - dressed girl is a  victim to such criminal acts. Many social activists have conducted experiments on safety of women wearing covered clothes which has always proved to be wrong. Many Indian homes have curfew ONLY FOR GIRLS after 6pm. Our society should change the perspective of seeing a women .

Due to increasing corruption and no strict rules against such criminals, these rapists have gained confidence that for their personal pleasure they can harm the women of our country. Why is it that India stands to the top in such matters? Because of NO STRICT RULES. There should be extreme fear in the minds of every men to even think of doing such acts. 

Hanging such a criminal is not enough. They should suffer in pain all their life. Each and every second they should curse themselves for raping a women.

They should be made lied down, naked on ice and hit them with extremely hot iron rods. They should be made handicapped and left in the world to survive all by themselves. Their names and photographs should be posted in the internet and no provision and privilege should be provided to them. Giving them a place to live or any job should be strictly prohibited. The Government should stimulate the experience of many deaths in one life, to such criminals. 

This will create terror in their minds and no person will ever think of committing such a crime. But for this, implementation of strict laws is compulsory, without any discrimination.  WE as a society should come together to fight for it instead of whining on the societal drawback  #fightforstrictness

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