Upgrade Indian Police in every state with 1090 Women Power Line (UP)

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Recent news from across states on gang rapes, molestation, rapes of minors is grim. As a society we condemn it, hate it, debate it, get enraged by it but at the same time, we have found a way to coexist with this reality.

Two things that drive this behaviour – the hope that things will get better and it only happens to others. 

We always say our police systems are not adequate, here is an initiative I think is preemptive and focuses on prevention of crime rather that reaction to it. 

1090 – Women power line –a program implemented in Uttar Pradesh by IPS Navniet Sakera. 1090 is built on the concept of neighbourhood watchdog with a layered icing of sophisticated technology. There is a state of the art facility just like a multinational BPO, run by the UP police which receives distress calls from all over the state reporting minor crimes like blank calling, hooting and also crimes like domestic violence, stalking and molestation. These reports often come from college going power angles who have been recruited as citizen police from colleges and trained to report crime as they see it on the roads. A call is always received by a trained lady police officer, who has a system linked to the telecom operators. Once a complaint is received, it is transferred to a bay where male police officers call the perpetrator on phone to process warnings and call them to the police station. Even for minor crimes like blank calling, teenagers and adult men are called in and made to write an apology letter which is video recorded as evidence.

This system has put 1 million=10lac individual perpetrators in a digital cage, who were threatened with big boss eyes when they started out with crude sexual outburst.

Over the past 5 years 1090 has processed 1 million complaints just in UP.

Our Demand – we need this system in every state and this will only happen if we are one aware and two demand for it. We are starting a petition to the Home Ministry and to the Prime Minister of India, that all state police replicate successful 1090 model of working and I encourage you to speak about it and demand it for your state.

Why I am starting this petition: 

I was in Hong Kong past five years and not a dinner with colleagues from across oceans went by without them reminding me of horrific rape news that our country exports on international stage. One day I came across the highway 91 case where a mother and a daughter were dragged out of their vehicle and gangraped in front of the father and brother. That was it, I couldn’t bear coexisting with this reality any more.   

Last September, I started out on an unusual journey, I walked for 230 days from Kanyakumari to Srinagar, Kashmir, a distance of 3800kms with one mission in mind - to make India a safer country for women and girl child. I walked 30kms each day and conducted workshops in villages, government schools, and several colleges on gender. I am working now on valid solutions I came across through my journey which are worthy of us working towards.

I began this journey with a firm belief that unless we have citizen participation at a household level, the country will keep seeing cases of Nirbhaya and Asifa and every 5 years we will find ourselves standing in protests and candle marches.  We cannot always point fingers at others we have to also participate in change we desire. Join me in making India safer for the long term and help our government in achieving it.