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disabled friendly banks and ATMs throughout the country

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Today I need a cash for some urgent work, so I went to the bank but I found out that bank is on the first floor and there is not a lift facility there. As a wheelchair-bound person, it is very difficult for me to reach the bank, so I decided to go to the nearby ATM but the problem is that there is not a single ATM which is wheelchair accessible.

I call my different friends who reside in different cities, to know the condition of the bank in their cities, and the results are shocking, only 1% banks are wheelchair friendly.

That's why I started this petition to make banks across the country wheelchair friendly. Since childhood, I was taught to live independently. Nobody likes to be carried up the steps or made to feel helpless because of their disability. I don’t want to be confined to my home.

According to the Census of India, 2011, counts almost 27 million citizens, out of which, almost 5.5 million people have a disability that limits movement and another 2 million have multiple disabilities.

I am not seeking any bailout, what I am seeking is my right as an Indian citizen. I want every bank and ATM is accessible and for that, I need your help. Sign my petition and join me in asking the Ministry of Finance and the Prime Minister to implement disabled friendly measures in Banks and ATMs.

My humble request from the Prime Minister, Ministry of Finance and RBI Governor please look into this matter and help us so that we don't have to go through this agony again.

I want to sit down with PM Narendra Modi or Minister of Finance Mr. Arun Jaitley and talk to them about the difficulties faced by those who are disabled. Sign my petition and ask PM Modi and Minister of Finance to implement measures to make the Banks and ATMs disabled friendly throughout the country.

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