Please Stop Crushing Middle Class Salaried Taxpayers

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India has population of 1.25 Billion and only ~40 million people pay tax in India. Most of these tax payers are middle class salaried people.  In India ~150 million people are falling under Tax bracket but not paying Tax.

While these salaried middle class have to spend maximum portion of their salary on following heads :

  1. Education of Kids (In private schools as there aren't enough Central or Govt. Schools),
  2. Healthcare (Mostly private hospitals where everything is at exorbitant cost),
  3. Housing Loan Payment (Its a distant dream for most of the middle class to get possession of their home and repayment of loan)  

As per the finance ministers over many years, only Rs. 100/- per child is enough to pay tuition fee. Rs. 15,000 is enough to take care of healthcare of entire family in a year and you will be deprived of Home Loan benefits if you don't get the possession of your home within 3 years of starting the home loan exemption falls drastically.

The delayed possession of the house could exert severe financial pressure on the buyers if he/she has to pay the EMI as well as the rent at the same time. Moreover, if the project gets stuck or even defaults, a home buyer is still liable to pay the interest and the principal component of the disbursed amount to the bank.

On top of it this NDA government keep on increasing the Service Tax and Cess in the name of Education, Swach Bharat and Krishi. Adding extra pressure on salaried people who have limited income.

Governments haven't shown intent to increase the span of taxable people, hence the Govt. arm twists people whose voices never get heard.  Since the Govt. has full information and control on salaried class where Tax gets deducted at source that is why this class is most unfortunate and negligent for most of the governments. Where is the balance that a finance minister talks about ? 

In 2016-17 budget even withdrawal of provident fund has been made taxable. It is our hard earned money, saved entire life so that we have money in our hand at old age and spend it the way we want either for kids higher education, marriage or helping them setup their career. What makes you think to Tax our hard earned money ?  

Don't we have the right to educate our kids and help them become a knowledgeable, better citizens of this country ? Government its subsidiaries provide health benefits even at pvt. hospitals to employees through out their life via schemes like CGHS etc. but we as private company employees we do not receive any such benefits...Why can't such benefits be passed to all Salaried class tax payers ?

Last year Mr. Jaitley the Finance Minister said in an interview that "Middle class should take care of themselves" so does that mean Mr. Jaitley want to absolutely crush people who pays their taxes diligently ?

A sincere request to the Govt. of India,  Mr. Modi and Mr. Jaitley ,  don't test the patience of these middle class people, majority of whom have supported BJP wholeheartedly with a hope that you people will bring the change to the life of your core supporters but till now you have been disappointment absolutely disappointment for us.     

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