Reinstate the Bus Routes for Holmes Elementary School

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Dear Mr. Feeney,

This note comes to you from the neighboring parents of Holmes Elementary School who have recently been advised that our bus route has been terminated due to the new sidewalk that was put along side of Hoyt Street last year. While we are very appreciative of the sidewalk that makes walking to school easier, it does not mean walking to school is necessarily safer.

Hoyt Street, as you probably know, is a feeder road between two major highways. Large semi trucks, as well as speedy commuters still use this road as a cut through. Most of the time, the 25 mph limit is disregarded and the traffic is not only fast, but very heavy. Many children in our neighborhood are on the younger side of elementary school; the youngest kindergartners are 4 years old and this is not a safe route for any child younger than 8 years old. We are asking that you re-instate the bus schedule for Holmes school neighboring residents. K-2 especially, but all elementary school children, do not have the appropriate developmental and judgement skills that are required to get to school safely by sidewalk. We want the peace of mind that a bus gives us in knowing that our children have made it to school safely and that an adult has assisted them into the safe grounds of our school. We ask that you would reconsider this decision and not put us in the position of having our elementary aged children exposed to the danger of Hoyt Street. 


Thank you,

Holmes School Parents