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Enough with the High Rises in the most liveable city in the world!!!

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No government ever asked the people of Melbourne if they wanted their city to become a high rise metropolis. No plan set such a goal. Governments decided for us.

Halfway through its term, Victorian Labor has joined the big-city development camp. Labor's strategy is to side with vested interests while pretending to listen to rising resident concerns about rampant development. But packed public meetings across the metropolitan area are demanding greater development regulation, pitting residents against big capital, unions and compliant government.

The old AAMI building directly across was sold a few years ago. Surprise, surprise a new High Rise Development was to be built on St Kilda Road 601; after a zillion protests from all across the neighbourhood, The City of Port Phillip Council, approved the project. Corporate + Greed + $$$$ = Weakened People's Rights!!!

So we all carried on with the defeat, dealing with all possible ways to offset the burden of loss of natural light, sustainability, privacy, increased issues such noise, pollution, traffic havoc and so on. 

Yes!!! Inner city living comes at a cost!! But now after 18 months since it was approved; SBJ Planning and the City of Port Phillip Council attack again, an amendment has been requested by SBJ PLANNING. An extra level to a total of 21 levels and extra dwellings with no car park available is to be added. 

So we all go back to the stress, agony and financial burden to oppose to it. About $1000 is the fee for each objection that is putted forward.

This petition is more than just a plea for justice and the ask to be heard by those who we pay to represents us. This petition is a call, a distress signal to the community. We must stand together, today is my natural light I will loose at 5 pm daily, during the winter months energy consumption is to rise for all those affected by the lost of natural light!! Which means we spending more money while big corporations can increase their profits. Who is next?, you?, your neighbour, someone we don't even know and who for whatever reason can't fight against greed!!

Fighting for our community rights is more than just a duty; collective consciousness is is formed when we bind together looking after each other. Australian Mateship  is our Trade Mark!!




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