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Petition to Reject the New Bell Schedule at LOLHS

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Recently, a new schedule has been approved for use in the 2017/18 school year at Land O' Lakes High School. This new bell schedule has upset students and teachers alike, taking a substantial amount of time away from student lunch and teacher planning time. Those with split lunch have an unfair advantage over others on a test, and face a hindrance by disturbing the flow of the classroom. It offers us next to no benefits, giving us an unneeded five extra minutes to each class (which have not been necessary in the history of the school). Overall, the schedule is detrimental to both the students and educational staff who now have to work around both the new system and the renovations of Land O' Lakes. Please sign this petition to urge our principal to revoke his new plan and allow students to focus on their studies without the many new troubles brought upon them by this system. Thank you for your support!

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