Allowing Food in UHill's Upper Learning Commons (Library)

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Dear fellow Uhillians,

I am Stephen Siu, a Grade 12 student in our school. A few weeks ago, our school decided that food was not allowed in the library anymore. Since then, people who wish to study while having lunch have been forced to either eat in noisier places (e.g cafeteria) or to even eat lunch in class. As observed above, this new rule greatly disrupts students' study schedules and I hope to revert this change.

From what I understand so far, the school banned us from eating in the library because some students leave waste behind after eating. I must emphasize that it is unfair for other students who clean up to be affected, but at the same time, life is never fair, and one's action can affect others on a large scale. That being said, if this petition is to be passed through, I would encourage all of us to uphold this deal by leaving the library speckless and cleaner than when we came in. After all, I believe that it is our duty as students to maintain and improve school dynamics for future Uhillians. 

There is no guarantee that this petition will pass through, but I will definitely try my best to voice out any opinions regarding this. Thank you for your time.

Stephen Siu