Promote the Usage of Electric Minibuses in Hong Kong

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Air pollution can cause a variety of diseases ranging from upper respiratory disease to cancer. In Hong Kong, air pollution has been declining but it is still not at a safe level, causing approximately 5 premature deaths every day. At a roadside level, nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter are potent, having a direct impact on the lungs and the brain. Buses are believed to be largely responsible for the roadside pollution.

Implementing electric buses can help combat roadside pollution. In the past, the government tried to subsidise certain bus companies in order to get them to use more electric buses. This was largely unsuccessful due to the weight of double decker buses which require large amounts of power to drive on Hong Kong's steep roads. Although double decker buses may not be a viable option at this stage, there is a fleet of 4,350 public light buses (minibuses) that should be considered. Seeing as they are lighter and don't require as powerful motors, we suggest that the government subsidise the companies that own the minibuses in order to make them electrically powered.

Please sign this petition to show your support in requesting that the government help shift minibuses to electric power to reduce Hong Kong’s roadside pollution.