Bring Back the Convent Cat

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The convent cat has used Alton School as it's territory for several years. In this time, she has never harmed, hurt or caused any issues. In many ways, she has actually benefitted many students and members of staff, by being therapeutic during times of stress.

As a much loved member of the school community, we took her to the local vets, when noticing that she had injured her leg. As a consequence, she is unable to return to the school, as the headmaster won’t to allow her back, despite this being in the cats best interest.

If the cat can't return, she will have to be rehomed elsewhere, which would cause her a lot of stress and she may be separated from an existing owner - who hasn't come forward.

Please sign this petition, to show the headmaster how much the cat means to his students and staff members, so she can return to her home.